The C-Band Alliance

Who We Are

The C-band Alliance was formed by the four satellite operators that provide the vast majority of C-band satellite services in the U.S. This same group of satellite operators proposed to the FCC a breakthrough market-based proposal to clear portions of this C-band spectrum to support the introduction of 5G services in the U.S. Critically, this proposal also protects the valuable satellite-delivered services provided by C-band.

Mission Statement

The CBA is the organization that will facilitate safely and efficiently clearing and repurposing C-band spectrum, speeding U.S. leadership in 5G deployment and innovation.

The CBA will engage in secondary market-based transactions to expand use of C-band. This will position service providers to deliver 5G services to consumers throughout America, in cities and non-urban areas, unleashing meaningful economic growth.

As it leads these efforts, the CBA will protect the quality and reliability of the extensive services provided by satellite operators in the C-band spectrum to U.S. broadcasters, media, and data companies.

Our FCC Proposal

The satellite operator proposal to the FCC would establish a framework to allow satellite operators to clear frequencies to enable terrestrial mobile operators to access C-band, speeding the deployment of next generation 5G services, while critically protecting the wide array of established satellite services and the customers that rely on them. The satellite operators understand the technical and operational details that will arise from clearing spectrum for joint-use with 5G wireless services, and more importantly, how to address them.

This break-through market-based solution will make available up to 200 MHz of C-band downlink spectrum approximately 18 to 36 months after FCC adoption of a Report and Order – far faster than other suggested regulatory approaches.

Who Will Benefit from Our Proposal?

The U.S. economy and American consumers will benefit as 5G networks are more rapidly deployed, providing growth and the socio-economic benefits of a population that is connected to the most advanced mobile broadband infrastructure.

Mobile service providers will be able to obtain the right spectrum for the roll-out of 5G services, spectrum supporting both city and non-urban deployments.

Non-urban Americans who are unlikely to have access to mmWave 5G, can be served by mid-band spectrum that travels longer distances.

Current users of C-band, including media, data, government and private organizations, continue to thrive. Media customers will have confidence that the quality of their satellite-based distribution to over 100 million U.S. households will be protected, and that advertisers and viewers can continue to rely upon high-quality and reliable services.


Bill Tolpegin

Chief Executive Officer

C-band Alliance

As CEO of CBA, Mr. Tolpegin will lead the consortium’s efforts to make mid-band spectrum available quickly, thus supporting the U.S. objective of winning the race to introduce terrestrial 5G services.

Bill Tolpegin has more than 25 years of progressive leadership roles at Fortune 1000 companies, wireless ventures and entrepreneurial technology firms.

Prior to assuming his current position as CEO of CBA, Mr. Tolpegin served as the co-founder and CEO of OTA Broadcasting. At OTA, he led the purchase of television stations across the country. He also contributed to the development of policy for the FCC’s Auction 1000 (the Incentive Auction) and partnered with potential auction participants (both buyers and sellers) to explain simulation results and help them better understand the potential market opportunity. OTA sold 10 broadcast stations’ spectrum usage rights in the Incentive Auction, generating $450 million in proceeds.

Before co-founding OTA, Mr. Tolpegin held numerous financial and corporate development positions at a wide range of satellite, internet and wireless companies, including ICO Global Communications, EarthLink, OneMain.com, Globalstar and Space Systems/Loral.

Mr. Tolpegin earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.


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