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Mission Statement

The CBA is the organization that proposes to facilitate safely and efficiently clearing and repurposing C-band spectrum, speeding U.S. leadership in 5G deployment and innovation.

The CBA continues to engage with the FCC and other stakeholders to support and accelerate the clearing and transition of highly valuable C-band spectrum to 5G. This will position service providers in the U.S.to deliver 5G services to consumers throughout America, in cities and non-urban areas, unleashing meaningful economic growth.

As it leads these efforts, the CBA will protect the quality and reliability of the extensive services provided today by satellite operators in the C-band spectrum to U.S. broadcasters, media, data companies and ultimately 300 million American citizens.

Enabling the US to Become a World Leader in 5G: We Are the C-Band Alliance


Bill Tolpegin

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Pitsch

Head of Advocacy & Government Relations


The C-Band Alliance provides the vast majority of C-band satellite services in the U.S.

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