CBA Describes Methodology to Allocate Acceleration Payments

The CBA developed a fair and non-discriminatory methodology to allocate C-band clearing acceleration payments among all satellite operators. It recently proposed an allocation based on the number of earth station C-band feeds in the continental U.S. The CBA, as part of its diligence in developing a clearing solution, has collected detailed information on a very large and statistically significant sample of nearly 10,000 FCC-registered earth station sites representing more than 25,000 antennas. Based on this, the CBA estimates that approximately 99% of earth station C-band feeds in the continental U.S. point to a CBA-member satellite; approximately 1% point to a Eutelsat satellite; and between 0% and 0.1% point to an SSO satellite. Other allocation methodologies proposed in the record—including that of Eutelsat—are grossly unfair.

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