Earth Station Certification Requirement

Under the CBA proposal, we will install a filter at no cost to the antenna owner that will provide protection from unintended interference which would occur when and if 5G signals are introduced into the C-band. If a site is not filtered, C-band networks will be operationally impaired following the transition and introduction of 5G services into the adjacent band.

The members of the CBA have made a commitment to our customers, which includes a specific Customer Transition Plan private to each customer, and schedule of Reimbursable Expenses.

Key details of the CBA proposal, and the commitment of Intelsat and SES to their customers include:

Program management:
  • Timing: The timing of the transition of services will depend on when the FCC issues its Order. The satellite operators will provide their customers with a written notice of at least 90 days prior to any transition.
  • Transition: The satellite operators agree to undertake, manage, and complete all necessary actions to effectuate the transition of customer services. For efficiency and consistency, the satellite operators intend to utilize the services of the CBA to manage many aspects of the transition; however, the satellite operators remain obligated to their customers under the terms of this commitment for this transition.
Satellite downlinks:
  • Installation of filters: The satellite operators will provide and install – at no cost for the customers – the necessary 5G rejection filters and, if necessary, other equipment for the customer antennas. Spare filters will be made available for five years.
  • Signal quality: The signal degradation at the earth station output level will remain within a specified limit.
  • Technical support: The satellite operators provide and pay all reasonable technical support to their customers.
  • Warranty: The satellite operators ensure that filters and additional equipment is registered and covered by manufacturer warranty.
Financial commitments:
  • Earmarked funds: The satellite operators will establish an escrow to ensure funds are available for customer clearing costs equal to 120% of the estimated spectrum clearing costs.
  • Completion funds: The satellite operators will use proceeds to establish a "completion fund" for a period of three years beyond the transition period to cover any additional clearing expenses and related costs that may occur.