C-Band spectrum: Private auctions are the quickest way for 5G consumer benefits

Even if you’ve never heard of the “C-Band,” pending federal government decisions about what to do with it are almost certainly going to affect you. C-Band is critical mid-band spectrum that is the key to putting next-generation 5G wireless into the hands of U.S. consumers and businesses before our foreign competitors beat us to the punch.

5G is the state-of-the-art wireless technology that’s going to change the lives of consumers, employers, students and workers. It will connect everything from the devices that control your living and work environments to telemedicine tools that will enable remote health care treatments or even robotic surgeries performed by specialists thousands of miles away from the operating room. Smart Cities will be safer, less congested and cleaner, while smart grids are poised to save$1.8 trillion dollarsin energy costs over the next seven years, and smart farms will grow the food we need to feed the rapidly growing global population.

5G will be a boon for consumers. The “Internet of Things” will provide us with more life-enhancing options than we could have imagined even just a few years ago, in diverse fields from entertainment, to distance learning, to virtual reality, to health care and so on. Superfast, low-latency 5G will make it possible to watch high-def videos on your handheld device, in your self-driving car, while you’re dropping off the kids at their high-functioning, Virtual Reality-empowered school.

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